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A patented product line of DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT approved by the FDA Class 1 (Exempt) and FCC.

The WALKER ALARM and NUDGE walker training aides are designed to assist individuals, caregivers, and physical therapists. This tool helps teach loved ones and patients to safely use a walker, decrease the possibilities of falls and increase mobility and independence.

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Select where your WalkerAid Product will be used and we will direct you to the correct unit for you.

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The NUDGE assists patients with a 2-wheel walker during hall walking and other exercises. Reaching a better quality of life sooner.

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Physical Therapy

The WALKER ALARM helps reduce cueing time by supplying external stimulus, allowing more time for time and gait walking observations and therapy.

Senior Care/
Nursing Home

The NUDGE may lower the risk of falls and life-changing injuries as well as boost confidence and encourage independence.

Personal Use

The NUDGE is recommended by Physical Therapists. Consider having this unit upon returning home after walker therapy or release from an acute care facility. The NUDGE can be very helpful to at-home caregivers.

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