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Walker in Physical Therapy

The Walker Alarm is a distance training aid designed to assist caregivers while helping individuals learn to use their walkers.

The Walker Alarm will reduce cuing time, thus allowing for more time for other therapies.

Slightly bigger than a deck of cards, the Walker Alarm mounts to the front crossbar of almost any type of walker.
The Walker Alarm is an ultrasound distance detection device that uses visual and sound cues to alert the user to the safe and unsafe distances while learning to use their walker.
Set up only takes 1-2 minutes and can be customized for the needs of each individual.

Discover the difference the Walker Alarm can make every day in your facility!

How it works – Walker ALARM alert Zones

Assembly, Mounting and Factory Settings for 2-wheel, 4-wheel Large Seat & Small Wheel Walker:


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Model 4200-100 Walker Alarm, Slide Bar Mount, and Charger

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